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"TRAINING"  in food safety

"CONSULTING" about managing food safety


WHERE?: Montreal, Montérégie, South shore, Eastern Townships and Centre of Quebec


RATES: ask for them via email at:  askus@impecplus.com  or call 450-776-6038. Please see "Consulting" for price chart of these services. 



Also find here info on the topic of food safety

This site is all about food safety, handling food methods, people handling food and all the hassle it may cause when you manage a food business.


One may easily notice that for some managers, food safety comes as a well-established routine that brings no specific concern. For others, whatever the cause may be, food safety is that side of the business that generates uneasiness, a bit like a crawling shadow, or straight out a foreign topic that is best delayed or left alone.


In the event you belong to the second category, this entirely confidential site is dedicated to you. It offers a strategic assistance tailored to your business in the matter of hygiene in general and of food handling in particular. This form of support aims at relieving some of your pointless anxiety. Later, it’ll help you consider food safety as a positive element, an asset, a reason for pride.


 Solutions we offer are:


- affordable ($) for your business

- adjustable to the size of your business

- planned and designed for your type of business

- no pressure : you may quit at any moment

- strictly confidential


Obviously, right now, you don’t know what to make of this website. How do you discriminate a worthy proposition from rubbish? We make it doable. We plainly offer any food business within our geographic area*a free of charge, confidential and obligation free encounter. We’ll meet you for a maximum of 90 mn at a place you will determine. This will allow you to assess if our services bear any relevance for you at this moment in time.  If in doubt, just go for it; the risk is zero to you.


About the very sensitive topic of privacy, rest assured that it is our priority number one. Every move is done in a way that suits you. Nothing is ever noticeable to others unless you have formerly agreed to it. From our point of view, it is paramount the customer – you – feels confident about any info you might unveil. None of that data is ever shared with anyone.  

Don’t wait any longer if you feel there’s the slightest need for action in the matters above. Do send us a brief email with your contact details at                                                                                askus@impecplus.com

and we’ll get in touch within 24 hours - business days. We’ll answer your basic questions over the phone and if it’s still ok with you, we’ll make an appointment at a place that suits you. It doesn’t have to be at your business location if you prefer otherwise.

We also offer the official m.a.p.a.q. training for food handlers and food business managers.


*geographic area: Monteregie, South shore of Mtl, Eastern townships and Centre Quebec