Please note the food handler training certificate belongs to the person, not to the business as such. When that person leaves the establishment, he or she brings it along.

The business operator must maintain a certain number of trained people as per bylaw.





On top of mapaq trainings - see details hereafter - we offer group training sessions suited to your food business. They'll take less time and money. They are a good idea if you need to refresh your staff skills or improve food safety awareness among your work team.   

Food handler training: 6 hours in one day. Certificate issued by mapaq that will belong to the food handler and will carry a  lifetime validity


Training in  Granby: Saturday, Feb 24th, 2018 



Food business manager training: 12 hours usually in 2 days. However, depending on your needs, timing may be adjusted even though the 12 hours will remain. Certificate issued by mapaq that will belong to the manager and will carry a lifetime validity
 Training in  Granby: Saturday and Sunday Feb 24th & 25th, 2018

All other training sessions may also be dispensed at your site for 2 people and up or in a facility we shall supply based on your needs. 


Food safety is an essential element if you want to achieve a smooth chain of operations in any agri-food business. Any link of that chain carries a responsibility to ensure a safe food preparation in order to protect consumer's good health and to stay away from the risk of food borne illness.


Food handling training within the business must meet certain bylaw's standards.

Bylaw states that any operator who prepares food that is to be sold, regardless if he possesses a MAPAQ permit or not, must make sure one or more of his employees has been trained in food handling.

Thus, regulations aims at enhancing:

  • Perception of health related risky situations in foodhandling and preparation
  • Capacity to determine ways to master risks

Manager's trainging is designed for the person responsible of controling hygiene and food safety in the business. This may be the owner or a delegate.

As for Food handler's training it is aimed at employees who handle food on a daily basis within the food business.

Dates and locations of coming training sessions will be sent to you upon email request or by using spaces below. Please use it alfo for any question.





Let's say you took your training online and your are now due for your exam. Rather than spending a day going to Montreal, we can help you with the exam in Granby, cost: $40. Make sure you print proof that your next training step is indeed the exam.


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