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CONSULTING - RESTAURANTS  and help about food safety:

Why would you need our consulting help?

  • Your business almost never gets comments such as: "Here, I'd  off the floor"
  • Hygiene is but a routine item, we seldom talk about it
  • When visiting other food places, you find yourself a bit jealous about their hygiene conditions
  • You have to push, debate and threaten your staff so they start cleaning around
  • Your last MAPAQ inspection shows room for improvement
  • You have a desire to improve the image of your food business and you know that hygiene is an element of the picture but you are overwhelmed by the task
  • You have concerns on your ability to identify priorities in your food safety program

More than anything, consider this:

  • Most of restaurant chains are pro active about hygiene. They possess means of self appraisal coupled with ways to make things right. They often have an inside inspector. It is a discrete process with nos witnesses, where management may correct situations without public disclosure:
             Control → Management examines the situation → remedial
    With us, you have access to a similar tool for a low cost. Just like the large food chains, you should not wait for the mapaq inspector to show up and give you a quote.  Remember, some information about bad food places may end up on the internet. And that's not the end of it, food business' quotes will become more and more visible to the public when Quebec imitates its Canadian and U.S. neighbors.

Our first consulting visit is always free and bears no bond or obligation You need to take an appointment. 

  • Hourly rates:  Research and transportation 25 $, Meeting visit  35 $, Inspection/report 45 $, On site training suited to your business (max 8 people) 55 $.
  • You won't have to make no constraining commitment toward us
  • You will benefit our entire attention
  • You will get full privacy
  • Our suggestions for improvement will always take your situation into account along with the best management principles

Food safety monitoring programs are available for your business. They include different combinations of inspection, mysterious customer visit, lab test, management counseling on food safety (HR and quality may be included) and staff training. Rates from 250 $ per year. 

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