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Who can benefit from this site?

This site can help you if you have or if you are responsible for hygiene in a trade or establishment that prepares food products for sale.

Who is responsible for the daily handling of food?

Let us remember that within a food business, anyone handling food plays an essential role in the control of hygiene and food safety.

What compels me to take care of safety in my business?

Under the Food Products Act (RLRQ, chapter P-29) and its regulations, operators, managers and personnel involved in food preparation or cleaning of equipment must comply with good practices of food handling. Begining with reception of food, all through stages of preparation (thawing, cooking, etc.), they have the responsibility to ensure the safety of food. (Source: Guide to good practice in food hygiene and sanitation, MAPAQ.

What are the costs of counseling?

The first visit is always free and without obligation. During this visit, you will be made aware of the price packages we offer for our services. Please refer to the Consulting tab for more details.