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Regarding food safety, our site and all our activities tend to promote the values and procedures conveyed by MAPAQ and we can help you in this endeavour.

Besides this, here are more services we offer:

  • "Best before" date, we'll supply the help you need in this matter
  • Standardisation of receipes
  • Labels on you products for sale that comply to the law
  • Cleaning plan for your business
  • Preventive maintenance for you equipement and your systems
  • Human resources management (when the manager in you is overwhelmed)

We give the official training from MAPAQ for food handlers and managers and for persons responsible for hygiene in a food business. 

Aside from our training services, our firm is not linked to MAPAQ. Our firm does not have the legal authority MAPAQ has. Our firm supplies no data to MAPAQ regarding what we may become aware of when consulting with food businesses.

Our goal is to help food businesses comply to food safety and hygiene regulations and avoid common and/or costly mistakes and other inconveniences while also bettering their public image.

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