What is m.a.p.a.q. Food Handler training?
This training lasts 6 hours when given face to face. It covers the knowledge required to work in food establishments in compliance with current regulations. It provides a Good Life Certificate recognized and sought after by employers. It allows employers to meet their quota of trained people while enriching their team with conscientious people, sharing a common positive attitude towards hygiene in general.

What is m.a.p.a.q. Food Establishment Manager training?
This training lasts 12 hours when given face to face. It covers the knowledge of the Food Handler training from the perspective of the manager, that is to say the person who must plan, organize and control all food safety aspects in your enterprise. Indeed, in the eyes of m.a.p.a.q., this training is not only mandatory for at least one person per permit but it will be this person that m.a.p.a.q. will contact you to discuss safety if necessary. So in order to prepare the manager in this sense, we provide a whole toolbox illustrated with field experiences. This will allow the manager to prepare well, choose where to put their energy and resources, and be an authentically healthy-oriented leader. The Certificate is good for life. It will be included in the calculation of trained people's quota in the business as required by m.a.p.a.q.

What is the quota referred to in the other answers? of Regulation P-29: In addition to that provided for in article, the operator must respect one of the following obligations:
1°  ensure the presence in the place or vehicle, during the hours in which it carries out its activities, of the person responsible for controlling food hygiene and safety or at least one member of its staff holding a training certificate as a food handler or food establishment manager;
2°  ensure that at least 10% of its staff members assigned to preparing food or washing or cleaning the materials and equipment in contact with food, including the person responsible for hygiene control and food safety, possess a food handler or food establishment manager training certificate.

How to pick the appropriate m.a.p.a.q. training for my needs?
If you open or buy a food business, you or someone to whom you delegate the food safety charge in the business need training as a Food Establishment Manager. This is because at least one person must have this training by permit issued by m.a.p.a.q.
For other concerns, article of Regulation P-29 provides the necessary information.

Why train more employees than what the m.a.p.a.q. requires?
Many employers realise that there is a clear advantage in having a strong core of trained people within their team so that people speak the same language when a safety-related issue arises. Such a core has a beneficial influence on new employees. The team makes fewer errors, it is more proactive and the climate is improved. And let's not forget that providing an impeccable location and behavior to customers also brings dividends. People do talk.

May I apply for my permit if I have not completed my Food Establishment Manager training?
Tell us about it before you think not.

What advice do you give to people undertaking online training?
- Carefully read all the pages of the site which are linked to the training you have chosen.
- Do not begin your study if you do not have all the pages of the study module. The last pages should be the quiz corrections. Ask questions if you have any doubts.
- You will benefit 1 hour of web video chat with a trainer before your exam to discuss the material (2 hours for the Food Establishment Manager training). Decide what you want to get in that hour, no two people have the same needs. This hour does not replace a serious and complete study of the course module. Typically, people use it to delve deeper into certain aspects of the course. Do not request your web video chat session if you:
- Haven't done the equivalent of 2 good serious readings of the material
- Haven't done all quiz exercises, consulted the expected answers and corrected your errors by returning to see the proper topic within the text. (manipulator module only, there are no quizzez in the Manager's half)


YouTube asks me for my Google account, what is it?
A Google account will be useful for YouTube and many other applications. Make a request to create your google account. Use your existing email if you do not want to create a new gmail address as suggested. Keep the password you entered safely.


I've never used zoom, do you have any tips for me?
- If you don't know Zoom, you can watch one of these videos for your computer (there are many, even in French):
or on your cell phone:
-Choose a functional device (pc, tablet or cell phone) carefully so that you can start from the start of the zoom session and do not waste valuable time on technical or IT issues.
- If you use a PC, make sure it is in working order. If you haven't turned it on for a long time, it may update once you turn it on. You may not be able to use it for a few minutes. This is one of the possible examples.
- Practice before your session so that you can make the most of your hour. You don’t want to waste 15 minutes because you don’t                                know how to turn on your mic or camera. Do a test with a friend. Remember that at the bottom left of a PC screen, the sound and camera controls are located.
- Be connected 5 minutes before the scheduled start of your session.

If I think I'm having personal difficulties, am I entitled to any help?
Accommodations are sometimes possible if you have cognitive, linguistic, physical or other learning difficulties. Leave it to us to assess whether there is anything we can do to facilitate your learning. We cannot guarantee we will, do send us your request and we will study it carefully. On this topic, let's say that we don't just want to sell you a training, we want to imitate mapaq in its plan to reduce the cases of food borne illnesses in Quebec. Therefore, it is paramount you understand the training material.

How do I use Messenger if I am not found of Facebook?
See the following sections: the following which is in English: -to-use-facebook-messenger-without-a-facebook-account/#dt-heading-how-to-use-facebook-messenger-without-a-facebook-account

Why take a course if I already know all the training's content?

You may be allowed to only take the exam. That may be done with us. However, first, you will need to have this permission granted by mapaq.

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