training session on hygiene and food safety, 3h30 on line


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In order to initiate training, you only have to:

  • Make your interact payment to 450 776 6038.

  • Send a text message to 450-776-6038 or an email to with your complete name, email address, phone number and interact payment password. 

Payment is tax deductible, your tax situation allowing.  You will transfered the learing material within 24 hours of payment via email.  


Are required to hold the certificate confirming the follow-up of a session - without examination - of "Training on hygiene and food safety of 3h30":

  • In a day care service affiliated with a coordinating office, with 9 children or less: the person responsible for food hygiene and safety 

  • In an intermediate or family-type facility, from 4 to 9 people inclusive: the person responsible for food hygiene and safety 

  • Within an organization that performs small-scale punctual food preparation activities for 30 consecutive days or less, the person responsible for food hygiene and safety 

  • Please note, this training is only recommended for the 3 categories of people above. It gives a basic idea of sanitation. It is not the one that is sought after by owners of restaurants or commercial food businesses. For these cases, see the Food Handler training instead. 

  • Skills targeted by the training: 

    Handle food in such a way as to preserve its qualities and safety

  • Recognize their share of responsibility for handling food and ensuring that it is safe

  • Apply good practices and comply with food handling requirements

  • Content of training: 

  • Food keeping temperatures

  • Work methods in order to avoid food contamination

  • General principles of hygiene applicable to any person who is in contact with food or with material or equipment that is in contact with food

  • Procedures for cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting materials and equipment

  • Environnemental sources of food contamination

  • Details: 

  • Practice quizzes are supplied

  • A mandatory 20 mn Zoom Q & A session with a trainer is included. This is not an exam.