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m.a.p.a.q. food handler training*


Food handler training / online / 65$ including taxes

Official MAPAQ training  to obtain your Food Handler Certificate good for life.

This course has a 90 days time limit from the day of payment to the day of the final exam.  



Study on your computer/tablet (print if you like).  

In order to initiate the training as such, you only have to:

  • Make your payment on interact at 450 776 6038.

  • Send us a text message with your name, first name, email address, phone number and interact payment password at 450-776-6038 (or email at askus@impecplus.com) Company checks accepted. 

  • You'll get the training material within 24 hours. 

  • This training is tax déductible if you are in business.

Food handler training / face to face / 95$ including taxes 

A face to face training session may be set up in the work place.  Minimum 3 participants. A group will be set up in our Granby space as soon as 3 people register. 

Regarding face to face trainings: 

Minus 10% for si 10 participants and more,

Minus 15% for 15 participants and more.                         

*M.A.P.A.Q. stands for the Ministry of agriculture, food and fisheries of Quebec