Mapaq online certified trainings

First, choose the course you need (call us if necessary), make your payment and your training will begin within 24 hours. That's all.

Study at your own pace.

Here is the official mapaq's training, illustrated with examples taken from real, current companies. In addition, you will have, at no cost, video session(s) with the trainer, practice quizzes and personalized feedback on your final exam.

You're not just going to learn, you're going to get food safety.

The official certificate that you will receive from mapaq will be good for life.  

Important notice on the protection of personal information:
The following is intended to enable us to comply with existing privacy laws.
We are committed to offering you a personalized and quality training experience while being safe and consensual. We take the protection of your personal information very seriously and we are transparent about the use of your data. We only collect the minimum of your personal information, which is useful to us for the provision of our services.
Unless you agree differently, we need:
- your name,
- your postal address,
- your employment situation,
- the type of establishment where you carry out your activity related to food safety,
- your email address
- your telephone number.
Once our services have been provided and the whole  of your training has been completed, this information will be destroyed.
Traces of your successful training courses will remain accessible on the mapaq website where they will be recorded. We will be happy to search them for you if you have difficulty with such a search. Traces of uncompleted training will not be available after the deadline described below.
We certify here that we do not share any data allowing you to be identified with anyone, nor on any platform or network except that of mapaq / training recording. Furthermore, we limit the lifespan of our clients' files with us. Please note that according to mapaq criteria, this duration is 90 days. So, after this period of time, your data will be deleted from our records. This means that your training must be completed before then. To be precise:
- the first day is the day you receive the study materials by email, or for face-to-face courses, the first day of training.
- the last day is the day of your exam or retake, if applicable.
This implies that no exam or retake exam can be taken after this 90 day period. The erasure of your personal information is now automated at Impecplus to avoid errors or oversights.
We invite you to submit any questions relating to the above to: askus@impecplus